Speaking English

It is amazing how fast kids learn. A couple of months back, my son did not know how to speak English. He just knew a few words. He is very fluent in Telugu. He had trouble communicating outside home. So, we decided to teach him English hoping that he remembers Telugu as well.  Fast forward now, he is able to speak sentences in English. He still remembers Telugu. Just now, he came to me with a broken toy and is asking me “fix it for me mommy”. I am amazed at his vocabulary. He has the American accent too which he picked up from a couple of DVD’s he watches at home. He does not go to daycare.

Now he totally understands that there are two different languages and almost everything  has a name in both the languages. He is slowly understanding the fact that he should not mix both languages.I am planning to teach him to read and write Telugu. I have no idea how much effort it will be, I just hope I can do it.


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