Happy Womens Day!

I am always happy to be a woman. I was raised in a family who value women equal to men. We were always happy to have a girl child. I was always taught that I could go after my dreams what ever they were and the only thing that I needed was hard work and my sincere efforts.

Now, my husband also supports me in what ever I wish to do. He always tells me to take a break once in a while and do things I really love instead of cooking, cleaning, household chores etc..

Now a quote from my favourite The Cosby Show – ‘Women can do anything a man can do – Only better. That is so true.

One thing I was not happy about was – Google not having a doodle for Women’s day. They have it for many other important days. They could have put one today as well.

Here are a couple of nice articles I found related to women’s day.

11 Women Who are Changing the World.

Air India Operates all-women crew flights on Women’s Day


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