Tulika Blogathon – Rhymes, Chants and Playground Songs

When I saw this blogathon at Tulika, I had to write these. These are only a couple of the songs from my childhood. There are so many of them. My son is slowly learning these now.

1. We used to play this similar to Oranges and Lemons:

drakshaa pallu paisa ki rendu (two grapes for 1 paisa)
badi pillalandaru konukkondi (all the school children can buy)
aaku pachcha gulabi rangu (Green and rose colors)
andulo aakhari pilla ni pattukondi (Catch the girl who comes at the end)

Not much meaning it but is a lot of fun to play.

ద్రాక్షా పళ్ళు పైసా కి రెండు
బడి పిల్లలందరు కొనుక్కోండి
ఆకు పచ్చ గులాబీ రంగు
అందులో ఆఖరి పిల్ల ని పట్టుకోండి

This was usually played by the girls at our school. Boys were never interested in this.

2. I love to play this now too 🙂 It is so much fun.

This is how it is played

oppula kuppa vayyari bhama
valapula kuchchu vaalu mogga
sanna biyyam chaaya pappu
gootlo rupai nee mogudu seepai

ఒప్పుల కుప్ప వయ్యారి భామ
వలపుల కుచ్చు వాలు మొగ్గ
సన్న బియ్యం చాయా పప్పు
గూట్లో రూపాయి నీ మొగుడు సీపాయి

There no meaning in it to actually translate. Just a few rhyming words put together.


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