More Rhymes for Tulika Blogathon

Here are some more rhymes for Tulika Blogathon.

1. Chuku chuku railu vastondi
pakkaki pakkaki jaragandi
aaginaka ekkandi
jo jo paapa edavaku
laddu mithai tinipista
kammani paalu taagista

Translation: The choo choo train is coming, so move away everybody and only get in after the train stops. Oh my sweet baby, do not cry. I will give you some sweets and tasty milk.

2. Chanda mama raave, Jaabilli raave
kondekki raave, koti poolu teve
bandekki raave, banthi poolu teve
teru meeda raave, tene pattu teve
pallaki lo raave, paalu perugu teve
parugetti raave, panasa pandu teve
aliyakunda raave, aratipandu teve
annitini teve, ammayi/abbayi ki ivvave

Translation: This is a simple rhyme usually sung during mealtimes. The mother asks the moon to get different flowers, fruits, and honey for the little boy or girl.

3. chitti chilakamma
amma kottinda
tota ki vellava
pandu techchava
gootlo pettava
gutukku mingava

4. Enugu Enugu nallanna
Enugu kommulu tellanna
Enugu meeda Raamudu
Entho chakkani devudu

Translation: The Elephant is black; Its tusk is white: On the Elephant sits Rama who is a very kind God.

The next one is usually a favorite all kids.

5. koti bava ki pellanta
kovela tota vididanta
kukka nakkala vindanta
enugu vaddana cheyunata
kodi kokila kakkamma
koti pelliki paatanta
nemmallu natyam cheyunata
vontelu dolu veyunata
ooranta subhalekhalata
vachchevaariki vindulata
pelli peetalapai koti bava

Translation: This rhyme is about a monkey getting married and all the other animals do the preparations for the wedding like sending out invitations, taking care of guests, serving food, playing the band etc. It teaches kids names of different animals and also about the events in a wedding.


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