My Mother’s Sari by Sandhya Rao


I came to know about this book from another blog. I am so glad I found this book in our local library. It is a very nice book about all the different things kids like to do with their mothers saree. Using it as a hammock to sleep, as a rope to climb or to even wipe their nose. We all did that didn’t we? I love the illustrations. The entire book is very colorful. I was very happy while reading as I recollected all the times I used to wipe my face with my moms or even my grand mother’s cotton sarees.

On the cover, they also give illustrations of how to wear a saree. Very neat and easy to understand. My son looks at those pictures and says “akka cheera kattukuntondi (akka is wearing a saree)”. I wish the book hadn’t ended so soon. There could have been more illustrations and more text too. But, I also should say that it is perfect for Sarath. He loves that book. When ever I take out this book at bed time, his face lights up.

This book is available at A must read for kids of any age. I am sure even the youngest readers will love the book for its vibrant colors.


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  1. So glad you’re enjoying this book! I agree, a book that’s lovely always ends too soon 🙂

    1. telugumom says:

      I am happy that I came across your post about this book that made me go in search of it. 🙂

  2. oh..That sounds cute…:) Glad Sarath is enjoying it..:)

    1. telugumom says:

      It is a very cute book.

  3. avymom says:

    Nice book, makes me wanna get one

    1. telugumom says:

      Try your local library – they might have it.

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