I am a Big Brother

I bought this book for Sarath just to get him comfortable about talking about the baby and the fact that he is going to be a big brother. This is a very nice book. Sarath loves it. He has memorized the entire book and reads it aloud himself.

The good part about the book is that they do not mention if the baby is a boy or a girl. The book focuses on the big brother playing with the baby. It also talks about all the things that babies cannot do like not able to eat pizza or apples or ice cream or play outside but, the big brother can do all those things. That makes the elder sibling very happy and proud. The one thing I specifically liked is the part where the baby cries and the big brother knows that it is crying for a reason. We are constantly telling Sarath to stop whining and crying and use his words if he wants something. So, now Sarath understands the fact that the baby will cry because he/she cannot talk.

It is a wonderful book and is very apt for ages 2-4. I also like the size of the book. It is just right for the little minds and best for bedtime (although we end up reading the book twice or thrice every night).


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