Happiness – Week 2

– Happiness is watching Sarath going to his first movie in a theater. He was so excited. It was actually a bitter sweet moment when I realized how fast he is growing up.

– Happiness is not having to cook on Saturday. This Saturday all I made was breakfast. We went to a birthday party in the afternoon and we went to DIL‘s place for dinner where we had lots of fun.

– Happiness is deciding to work from home on Friday and actually taking a couple of hours rest ๐Ÿ™‚

– Happiness is watching Lillies and Daffodils bloom in our front yard.

– Happiness is getting some of the pending stuff done at home while watching one of my favorite programs on TV.

– Happiness is making Gobi Manchurian after a long time. I used to love cooking and I used to spend a lot of time making new items on a regular basis. But, off late, I just lost that enthusiasm. Like S says, I am eternally tired. I miss that cooking though. I was very happy that I made that after a looooooong time. It did not turn out as nice as it used to. But, I still felt good about it ๐Ÿ™‚

– Happiness is talking to Sarath about his school and friends.

– Happiness is watching Sanjay talk about the things he learns at day care. They have been teaching the kids about birds and plants in the last two weeks. It is amazing how much he can remember these days. He can tell me about most of his day and I can’t help but feel happy and sad knowing that he too is growing up too fast!





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