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Harry Potter

on February 28, 2017

How can I write about books during Read Across America week and not mention Harry Potter. This is an amazing set of books that every kid should read. Since I do not need to review the books here, I will write about my experiences with these books. I read them about 4 years ago and I just loved them. I could not put those books down. I cried and laughed with the characters. I have read them about 4 times after that and I am still not bored.

Sarath has now finished the series and is reading it again and again. Every time he reads it, he finds something new that he missed the last time. Me and Sarath have discussions about the books, characters and the plot lines. It feels so good to discuss it with him. I get to see the books from an entirely different perspective.

One more reason I love those books is the fact that I can use the characters to teach Sarath about many things. He is now going through a phase where he does not want to talk to any new kid, or make new friends and has been snapping at anyone and everyone. So, I talked to him and after a long discussion of what he should be doing, I told him “please don’t be a Malfoy”. It lightened the mood and the he got the point instantly. I love it when I can use the book to teach him something.

One of my favorite lines in the series is “It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” I talked to Sarath about this before he read the second book and he remembered it when was reading the books. We always go back to this one and keep talking about it. This seems to get the message across in a very easy way and the fact that Dumbledore says it in the book, makes it more interesting to him šŸ™‚ Initially when he started reading the books, I wasn’t sure if he would understand it at all. Now I know I was wrong. He loves those books.

With all the Harry Potter mania going around in our house, Sanjay is also very excited to read the series. He keeps telling Sarath not to spoil his surprises šŸ™‚ He just cannot wait to read it.


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