This week is Read Across America week! It is Dr. Suess birthday on March 2nd and this week is celebrated in his honor. I have read a lot of Dr. Suess books to my kids. I so wish I had these books to read when I was little. It inspires kids to read more. If there is one thing I am really proud as a parent so far, it is the love of reading I gave the kids. I read to them diligently when they were babies. It felt silly at first reading to a 6 month old baby. What does he understand? But, I just went along with it. Slowly, it became a routine for us. I loved that time of snuggles and reading. By the time Sarath was 1, he already loved books. I started with Sanjay even before he was 6 months old. He used be on my lap every night when I read to Sarath. He picked up on it too. The kids love to read. There were many comments made about this routine of us reading books to our babies. For once, I did not care and I am so glad for it now 🙂

So, as part of the Read Across America week, I decided to share some amazing books I have read to them. Here is the first one. Sanjay got this book from his school library and was very excited to read this to me. He wanted to read with me on a weekday morning before going to school. That day luckily we had some extra time, and I sat there with my cup of tea to read this book to him.

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The book is about a town where are the people are squiggly with not straight lines at all. Even the houses and animals are squiggly. Then one fine day a person who is all straight comes to the town and builds a house with all straight lines. He is at first seen as the outsider and the people in town do not like him at all. Then a girl from town makes friends with him and gets married and they have kids who are both squiggly and straight.

An amazing book to show kids how to embrace differences between each other. It is rather a very nice way to show that different is not bad after all. We are all people not matter our appearances. I think this book is even more important now in the current political turmoil.



Kevin’s big book of emotions – Blogathon Post 19



We got this book from the library last week. Sanjay just picked it up and wanted it. I guess he was attracted by the cover of the book. It is really a very nice book about our emotions and how we can express them. It is very simple that even Sanjay can follow it and also very nice for Sarath.

There is a boy named Kevin who talks about his emotions and the entire book is about the different emotions Kevin feels at different times. The book also has some very nice examples with illustrations and simple words for the kids to understand. The examples are about everyday things – like going to school and how it might make the kids feel, going for a hair cut etc.. It is written in very simple words.

The book also has different scenes and the kids can tell if that scene makes them angry, scared, happy etc… Sanjay loves that book so much. It is well above his level but he wants us to read that book atleast 2 – 3 times everyday. He loves to look at the pictures in the book and understands most of it.

While I am reading that book, I stop in between and talk to the kids (especially Sarath) about how our actions make our friends feel mad at us or how we get angry or sad sometimes and how we can deal with all that. With the book, it seemed very simple to talk to him about all that.

I would definitely recommend this book to kids 2.5 and above.


I am a Big Brother

I bought this book for Sarath just to get him comfortable about talking about the baby and the fact that he is going to be a big brother. This is a very nice book. Sarath loves it. He has memorized the entire book and reads it aloud himself.

The good part about the book is that they do not mention if the baby is a boy or a girl. The book focuses on the big brother playing with the baby. It also talks about all the things that babies cannot do like not able to eat pizza or apples or ice cream or play outside but, the big brother can do all those things. That makes the elder sibling very happy and proud. The one thing I specifically liked is the part where the baby cries and the big brother knows that it is crying for a reason. We are constantly telling Sarath to stop whining and crying and use his words if he wants something. So, now Sarath understands the fact that the baby will cry because he/she cannot talk.

It is a wonderful book and is very apt for ages 2-4. I also like the size of the book. It is just right for the little minds and best for bedtime (although we end up reading the book twice or thrice every night).

The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock

By Jim Aylesworth.

A very nice book. It is the extended version of the age old nursery rhyme. As the clock strikes from one to twelve, the mouse does a lot more than just running down. The mouse has a name Kevin (which we find out later in the story), rolls on the floor, shows off to a girl, gets chased by a cat and loves to eat pie. The story is about what a mouse does all day and ends with his mama reading him a book and when the clock strikes twelve, the mouse is finally asleep.

It rhymes beautifully and the simple words catch the attention of kids. It helps kids learn numbers and simple words. It also helps in teaching the kids to tell time. Sarath loves it so much that he has memorized all the verses. He turns each page and starts saying the verses as if he is reading from the book. He never gets bored of reading this book and is always sad to return it in the library.

The illustrations by Eileen Christelow are very bright and colorful. The colors look like water colors and the entire book is very lively. I totally recommend this book all the parents with little kids who love reading.

My Mother’s Sari by Sandhya Rao

I came to know about this book from another blog. I am so glad I found this book in our local library. It is a very nice book about all the different things kids like to do with their mothers saree. Using it as a hammock to sleep, as a rope to climb or to even wipe their nose. We all did that didn’t we? I love the illustrations. The entire book is very colorful. I was very happy while reading as I recollected all the times I used to wipe my face with my moms or even my grand mother’s cotton sarees.

On the cover, they also give illustrations of how to wear a saree. Very neat and easy to understand. My son looks at those pictures and says “akka cheera kattukuntondi (akka is wearing a saree)”. I wish the book hadn’t ended so soon. There could have been more illustrations and more text too. But, I also should say that it is perfect for Sarath. He loves that book. When ever I take out this book at bed time, his face lights up.

This book is available at A must read for kids of any age. I am sure even the youngest readers will love the book for its vibrant colors.