What’s in a name???

Well, for Sarath everything especially when it comes to food! Sarath is very good with food (touchwood). He does not fuss a lot and usually accepts whatever is made at home. He has a general problem with Indian sweets. He used to love them when he was a baby but, not anymore. He also has a problem trying out new foods sometimes. When I tell him a new name, he decides that he does not want to eat it. If I give the same food with a different but familiar name, he is all okay with it.

So, yesterday, I wanted to give him Nutella – hazelnut spread with chocolate. It looks similar to peanut butter which Sarath loves. He wanted to know what was for breakfast and I told him bread with Nutella. He did not want it. Immediately, I asked him if he wanted a special peanut butter with jam in it. He was excited about it. Then at breakfast, he decided he wants to have a bagel with the special peanut butter. I put Nutella on the bagel and he just loved it. He liked it so much that he wanted to have the same for breakfast today 🙂

Let’s see how many innovative names I would have to come up with in the future 🙂


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